Lessons from a Neighboring Industry — Demand Media’s Disruptive Impact on Journalism

In Innovation, Internet Business Models, Technology on March 6, 2010 at 4:06 am

Source: Library of Congress via flickr


Read my complete post on The Scholarly Kitchen. Excerpts:      

There are some who believe that if major media outlets can reinstate a paid model for online content, there will be a reversal in the market for skilled journalists—in essence, returning to a subscription or subsidized model for news will provide revenue to publishers, who will hire quality writers and editors once again, and pay them ….   

Publishing institutions face challenges — trying to overcome infrastructure obstacles and established thought patterns to embrace new ways of thinking about content creation and scholarship.  Even a progressive publishing house will find re-tooling to be expensive, painful, and slow.      

Companies that don’t have traditional models and structures have the benefit of having less infrastructure drag and can be agile enough to create niche businesses to zero in on market problems—sometimes solving them by irreverent means.  They have the added “advantage” of not embracing romanticized traditions or struggling with crises of conscience when contemplating radical change.


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