Seeking a Major Market for Scholarly Materials? Get on the Phone!

In Innovation, Technology on March 31, 2010 at 9:02 pm
Source: Columbia University via flickr

Source: via flickr


Read my complete post on The Scholarly Kitchen. Excerpts:   

“It looks highly likely that global mobile cellular teledensity will surpass 100% within the next decade, and probably earlier,” said Hamadoun Touré, secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union, cited in a 2009 article in the Economist. According to the piece, teledensity, which is the number of mobile phones per 100 people, has already exceeded 100% in Europe and South Africa, with Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania following suit and expected to reach 100% by 2013. India Telecom News announced in December that urban teledensity in India has crossed the 100% mark. From Chris Tryhorn’s article in the Guardian last March, 60% of the world’s population pays to use a mobile phone, with developing countries representing two-thirds of the use population. 

What’s the upshot? 

There is increasing evidence to suggest that mobile device use may outstrip personal computer use in the global community in the next 10 years and that the expansion of mobile content delivery tools may be at the center of a new generation of globalized business and education initiatives. 

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