A Future of Touch and Gestures: New Interfaces Driving Scientific Information Presentation

In Innovation, Technology on May 5, 2010 at 8:49 pm

Read my complete post on The Scholarly Kitchen. Excerpts:     

The variety of app-delivered games and tools currently available offers a representative taste of current capabilities in graphics manipulation and uses for interactively received inputs. The true potential for multitouch technology is still in its nascent stage.   

Displax and Archimedes Solutions are two companies seeking to seize the opportunities offered in this emerging area.   

Source: by liquene on Flickr


As these technologies continue to improve, they will significantly alter the ways we work with and experience information, including images and data. We will increasingly transition from environments governed by the restrictions of mice and keyboards to more fluid and interactive environments — in the vein of Wii, iPad, and iPhone — that support a more fluid, intuitive, and experiential exploration of scientific and non-scientific content and media.   

While timelines are uncertain, expect that consumers of our information will include traditionalists/linear thinkers and visual/experiential thinkers, all of whom will increasingly require that we meet them “where they are” by providing a suite of mechanisms for interacting with content of various types.


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